Well, it's been quite a while since a post. And I have no real explanation for that. I drew, yes, but none of it really hit me as post worthy. Let's just say February sucks to infinity. The winter beat me this year. And I'm plotting my upcoming revenge. 

That said, I did just get back from a very relaxing week in PDX with some of the best people in the universe! Much catharsis happened and I'm feeling a new clarity and optimism (complete with energy to make it so!) So, I have some sketches to post as soon as I scan them. I'm currently working on a freelance website so that's taking some time. But fear not, a post is on it's way. 

There's also been some breakthroughs in how I approach final illustrations. This is a direct result of the deep inner searching and clarity I found. Not everything's 100% figured out, but the mystery is exciting. So I'm trying to strike a pixel/paint balance and will post when I have something. 

Also, Tuesday marked Jen and I's 4th year of her putting up with me! If you were gagging along to our tweets then you probably knew this if you didn't, well, it was very chuck worthy. Love her muchogrande.

Anyway, how've you been?

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