new year new nekkid drawing sessions!!!

Went to my first figure drawing session of 2010 today! I personally prefer Lyle Silver's sessions on Sundays. Great group. Good mix of long/short poses (2min - 25min.) Lyle seems to have an endless supply of really professional and interesting models. Today's was particularly interesting. Her poses seemed to push the limits of her slender and graceful physiology. It was a great session (though I have criticisms of my own work.) Awesome to be back and see the familiar faces.

As always, click the images to see a larger size.

How are you? .nthn


New year, new post. Finally :)

Hey! Hope your new year is going well! I've been relaxing and sketching and slammed at the same time. Here's some iPhone captures of the sketchbook. Resolution? More updates :)

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